Friends’ belief that people can continually discover more about the will of God leads us to eschew dogma. Friends search for ways to meet human need in shared worship, opening ourselves to creative action in the service of God’s higher truths. The faith that there is an indwelling Spirit in every person has led Friends to a historic commitment to certain testimonies, such as the testimonies of integrity, simplicity, peace, and equality, which have caused Friends to reject of war, oppression, and materialism, and to embrace the care of all God’s creation. Friends at Fifteenth Street Friends Meeting are active particularly in stewardship of the earth, resistance to racial inequity, and the cause of peace. For sixty years we have conducted a silent Vigil for Peace at Washington Square Arch, currently on First Mondays at 1 pm. For forty years we have hosted a shelter for a dozen or so homeless men and women, for which volunteers are always needed. To learn about other witness of the meeting, please be in touch with peacesocialjustice@15thStquakers.org.

(Adapted from the Fifteenth Street Friends Meeting Handbook and New York Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice)