Organizational Chart

New York Quarterly Meeting (a.k.a. NYC Quakers) is home to six worshipping meetings across Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens. NYQM is one of nine quarterly meetings that make up New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM), which is a member of Friends General Conference and Friends United Meeting.

Organizational Chart

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Friends General Council

Primarily North American association of yearly and local meetings, including NYYM

New York Yearly Meeting

Organization of 9 regional meetings, including NYQM, across New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey

Friends United Meeting

Global collection of yearly meetings and local gatherings, including NYYM

New York Quarterly Meeting
(NYC Quakers)

Organization for 6 monthly meetings in New York City

Brooklyn Meeting

Fifteenth Street Meeting

Flushing Meeting

Manhattan Meeting

Morningside Meeting

Staten Island Meeting

NYQM manages Brooklyn Meetinghouse, Fifteenth Street Meetinghouse, Fifteenth Street Central Building, Flushing Meetinghouse & Cemetery, and Quaker Cemetery in Prospect Park

Downtown Meeting is an outdoor worship in Battery Park during warm-weather months

Friends Seminary, Brooklyn Friends, and the Mary McDowell Friends School are in a care relationship with the New York Quarter, but are separately incorporated and operate independent of NYQM